Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Talking" Buddha Statues in KL, Pu Xian Center

Recently there are so many posts and news report posted all over Facebook on miraculous Buddha's statues "talking and blinking" at the Puxian Buddhist Centre in KL, Malaysia.

Here are some clips the uploader uploaded onto YouTube.

This is what the devotees's said the statue emitting lights

As we can see from the clips it seem to be true. Having the Buddha's statue lips moving and so do their eyes. We don't know whether the clips has been altered or not because the clips is a bit blur and shaky. Moreover the incident happened on the Chinese New year eve's but why now only upload to the net? And from the clip, what we can see throughout the whole video are only few peoples recording it and having some rude aunties and uncles shouting here and there. So we can't really tell is it true or not. The witness said there are 30 over peoples in the center that night when the "miracle" happened. But what is weird is so far only one uploaded his clips to YouTube. So we're waiting more to come.

Some may say we Buddhists are idol/statues worshipers. That why we make all the fuss about the talking Buddha. Actually, the Buddhas no matter they are made from either gold, bronze, resin, plaster or wood are not the real Buddha. The reason why we must have a Buddha's statue or image is to remind us the correct qualities that the Buddha have so the merits from the offerings we made and the qualities that Buddha had, it will enable us to follow the correct path to enlightenment. Some might have misunderstood that we actually pray for fortune, lucks or good life but in real we do not. The Buddha can't grant us material stuffs. Instead what we chants is what the Buddha had preached 2500 years ago to remind the teachings of Buddha, what we asked from the Buddha is to lead us to the correct paths and what we pray for is to have more wisdom so we're able to understand the Buddha's teaching more profoundly. That's all.

Back to the clip, the statues here are just a statue and now it only appear to be able to "talk and eyes blinking" as a result maybe due to the devotees' cultivation efforts or the Buddha may have others intention on signaling some messages to the center or people. The devotees should quite down and seated to see what messages are the statues trying to give instead of shouting here and there, taking out the super lousy resolution hand phone and struggling to be in the front row to do the recording and got a lady put the hand phone so near to the statue.

Normal people may have acted so since it is miraculous that not to be seen in our everyday life but at least  have some sense of what you'll doing here resembles the your Dharma's center. As though as a teacher trying to teach and the students are shouting here and there. But according to some sources, these talking and blinking statues can actually bought from China having feed on solar power. So do you think this is real or fake??


  1. Somebody shud ask asia paranormal to do research at the center!

  2. Wake up, all Buddhists. Buddha has achieved parinibbana.

  3. you have to be there and also you have to know master tony chew , before any final say on the talking buddhas.


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